.montgomery two.

a student of timetables


now with a free pass to most places

the official times

saved to my phone and noted on paper in my back pocket , nearly lost in the chip shop that only accepts cash

it fell yet we saw it and retrieved

1.28 pm the bus home so we gets there real early and waits

by the walker

he had walked from forden the three miles up and down

used to the flatness of portsmouth wanted a ride back yet nothing forthcoming limped his way back

1.50 pm with no bus arrived the timetable lady was contacted and she explained the bus was due at 2.30 pm that my internet were wrong and no one was bothered what it said at bus stops

on her say so

nipped round to the toilets then waited patiently to 2.30 when a bus arrived going the wrong way

spoke to the timetable lady who admitted being wrong that the 1.30 came in late possibly while i was in the toilets

the next correct and last bus now 3.30 pm

i wondered what to do if that one did not arrive and secured an unnecessary plan

fortunate to afford

when safely aboard thought if those recently waiting at airports to escape

my small adventure was as nothing

sat on the town hall steps in the late september sun

.montgomery one.

thankyou for the prompt, the questions.

some times there is no answer, no words to describe.

yesterday i went alone to hold those feelings private

there was joy in the small things

chips from the shop the first for two years

ate in the sun under the particular trees

the absence of red soap and the joy of seeing the garden again, the galvanised cold frames

and wondering why only eight of her children were carved in the church recess when she bore ten

yet I tell you this

it were a lovely day with new surprises

and confirmation that I never wish to win


.the visitor.


Thankyou for popping by again. Good to see you here.

Yes the noise goes on all day when they strim. There are three graveyards here and there are usually two working together.

They start in the lower, town council. Then the middle, village council, then the churchyard.

I am sad to say weed killer is employed for the edges as if there is not enough death already Keith.


it is a long time since the sun shone in long and low like that, he said.   does this mean it is autumn now? it is such a pretty room.                                                                                                           yellow.


.online shopping.

a fancy dance delivering groceries
down the lane by the church

where the water board left those holes

guarded nicely  with a temporary blue

fence thing

i did not order conversation yet got it anyhow
with a sermon regarding his christianity and

school assembly

i  vaguely argued points yet they were  not noticed

for he had sat  two hours that morning and every morning praying and reading stuff

maybe had not learned to listen

so brought the food delivery indoors
and asked a refund for the substitutes

.watercolour class.

did you edit your question?

did you change your mind?

shall explain

a good artist who taught for extra
a new kitchen at the french farmhouse and other things

taught as required for copying  so we all looked the same

though some added bits and embellishments which caused remark

while the space between lines was so immense my head came heavy with drowsy

fell off


i did not return