.floating island.

. the leybourne. first edition 1954.unsigned.

“Housewives celebrate end of rationing. Fourteen years of food rationing in Britain ended at midnight when restrictions on the sale and purchase of meat and bacon were lifted.”




one  fresh small person

a        paper bus ticket

one pair trunks (canned if necessary)

smallish inner tube or rubber ring whichever is available

or is  in season




place the person on the bus,               allow to rest

leave for half an hour or until things are  proved


gas mark 4




wrap person in trunks       and place into the  prepared ring


if fully set                         float in brine until all becomes spongy

allow to   brown  lightly                     while     floating continues


do not peel


on rising

we have a floating island





.. made in england..

“”Sonja’s ‘Made in england’ was not only very effective but was a great example of where simplicity can denote some very powerful ideas – and a strong testament to the nature of improv!”

Thanks Halls Forum”

sonja benskin mesher

he could have lent me white paint & as he spent much of his time telling me

tutors’ commandments

i told him mine

if you have not what you need

use something else

& see what comes of it

if it breaks mend it

put it in exhibition

small things matter


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. the cornfield.

in the end none of this matters

not the stacking, tidying, worrying

small regrets


second thinking maybe it gives order

with contentment

the numbers you see

are regular


we hold on to  dressing according to our wounds

according to rules which are necessary for survival

until we survive

no longer

& let go



. air.

layered in air

we dance with glass


small souls with small lives


to the challenges


she says you know we do not gets what we want

we gets what we get




ours has been much easier than so many others

*listen to the radio


they threw them all on the fire