have you been to the wild wood?

not the one down the lane here
that is private and inaccessible


the one down the road by the estuary
is all mossy and twisty paths

which requires a lot of watching the step
and with that comes the discovery of

certain twigs of the right colour and design

during lockup we only saw ours
now come many varieties
to enjoy and at a later day


for now we learn the paths
watch the ways of the wood

while opposite

the wood

balance carefully
in orange vehicles



we watched the videos on you tube
the various methods without power


just a hammer

i wonder if the age of mine was limiting

rusted screws or nails I could not tell

liked the logic yet resorted to sawing it up
now left with lumpy ends

a decision is made to store those

so will tidy the pig sty today
to make room
and designated areas

down the lane he has made a splendid bench all shiny perfect

and drilled holes in my old baking tins



“Hurry burry refers to a busy, boisterous activity. Surprisingly this English term was borrowed & derived from a Tamil word – Arakka parakka (அரக்க பறக்க ). To move or do things more quickly than normal is termed as Parapara (பரபர) in Tamil”


so we takes our time these days
wash hands carefully

pinafore and radio on


think of our mum as we chop the onions
how she added curry powder and sultanas
to the baked beans
as a savoury

a nod to another culture
she never knew.

a nod to the war rationing still in place

slowly add in more ingredients while
whirling gracefully in the boots that

have become more appropriate

we wait a while and let it rest

there is no hurry any more
there never was

then later eat it slowly

no hurry burry curry

.the pallet.

no reply from you this morning
perhaps you are out on your bike



there is snow on the mountain
a pinky glow

she said that it was the coldest night for years

and I forget how many


there are plans for the day
having watched the video

on how to do it

how not to do it
is brute force

no bashing

.the swallow.

they flew up so quickly i could not catch them

and the bus too far away

someone commented these sunny days that glare on the phone  obscures the subject anyhow

a case of point and shoot blindly

yet I saw the swallow yesterday
heard it had arrived on social

hengwrt posted

later I went down the estuary
to walk the wood

the tide was up  so wandered back to see the cowslips  and the photographer knelt in wet grass

a real camera




pleased about the photos

i thought it was like a different
world up there

some of it is national trust
with douglas firs and violets

there is a bench for to lay
to see the tree tops and i

told her that I did not use it
being a growed up

she said she doubted that

a lot

walked back along the road
to see the new lambs

waved to the farmer on her quad


she also reads the meters

round here