innuendo innuendo

i don’t think so

he is innocent, some say naive

it is you and you that thought another meaning

heads full of dope and chloroform with silly



maybe you are  actors with erratic scenes

so he cannot speak to you for laughing

at the glint in your eyes regular


perhaps you will go wild swimming together

in the dyfi



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Art The Armed Forces Day,

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sonja benskin mesher

Studio News . 2018.

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“softer colours of summer”


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Member of Penwith Society of Art, St Ives, Royal Cambrian Academy and the United Artists Society.

Member of Fluxus.

Member of the Creative Collective for Refugee Relief, world wide.

Artists without Borders.

“if the dress is ripped it can be mended, if it is shredded it can be lined with net for strength and longevity. dirty, will wash it, iron and air it, loosely bind into keeping”

This month my artwork is part of the following projects and events.



Recent drawings are now in the exhibition and  collection of Osten World Gallery, Skopje. Macedonia. and International Drawing Competition Wroclaw.




This month my work ~


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~ brown eyes ~

now she is gone
i go up early
these days

sonja benskin mesher

she goes up early these days,

as if she is involved.

jumping the stairs

and laying head down,

eyes swimming,


does she know,

does she miss him too,

is that why.

she goes up early,

before me,

and i visit.

until thinking of her there,

i join her

my head down,

eyes brimming,



brown eyes too


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.red cross.


red cross


a simple sign that says kindness helps


and needs volunteers


so i do one day a week alone upstairs

if possible


the power of such a thing is endless


as i sift and sort the black bags and

cardboard box i think of you


a leather bag with purse: pink plastic comb

still grubby with your hair intact.

lace handkerchiefs, letters i leave unread.


dead people’s handbags, dead folks

clothes. mothballs they say are hard

to come by, i know different, smell them now.


washing hands is regular. compulsive.


odours cling. thoughts sing that kindness

comes easy.


sounds, chatter from the store below rise and when  thoughts subside

i listen here and there, customers clients and staff.


the box contains your little things, the company of pretty

your joy of small items


dust coats the air, motes of your living days. a drink is

welcome. move on.


another bag is baby clothes, joyful thoughts of children growing.


showing them to colleagues we smile together, steaming in

the upper room


warm the days now, summer the nights are hotter. murmuring continues below.


you hear things if you listen.


she said

we should help    people in this country

first, not those abroad .

bloody immigrants


yet these are the numbers the scared and dying




established volunteer talking loudly  to her young customer

asking about the washing,

  yes i

hang it in the garden, in    sun and breeze

to dry fresh.


staff  replied that is what peasants do.

gippos, you know their sort.


i stopped the sorting.


report it

fight, flight or write of it?


i touched a little coat gently

said goodbye to that upper room left quietly

it is hard to do nothing, not react


my issue


their sign says kindness helps

red cross

a red cross


.the prize.

the prize came as unexpected

a big building enough to house

the poor, the homeless the dis

possessed. it was tea and

i felt sick


i will rather give the money away

the added value of the food. ritz.


crackers. that bread can cost so much

spread with regular stuff cut thin


the waiter smiled ; i noted his shoes

an honest worker like me


alongside they enjoyed the moment

without the anxiety of my chest where

reparation fails. this is the promise

the outcome of a difficult day




afternoon tea at 4pm posh

first prize.    three x five


all persons: third person


the restaurant

three minus five or six


2. the tea

three minus five or six



3. describing the folk next to me

4. too many expectations, the room offering anxieties

5. food came


6. how high can this be, a ceiling at ten feet four