a while back now
she used that word and I had no idea
sounded like a type of sea going vessel

later I realised it was an abbreviation
still is

i do not have one
use old post office
bags that repel rain

water seeps anyway

my logs come kiln dried
in plastic sacks so stay

dry anyhow

yes I feel one of those
may look better here

adding words to try
to keep lines samey

it rained all the way yesterday
that light autumn stuff that is


the last day of september james
and this morning came october

..flaky pastry..

you know that thing when it is still dark
and you can hear the rain and wind outside

and feel


get flaky

then you step out and feel the wind
on the back
on the neck

light breaks

brave heart returns

it happens each autumn

i dreamed I saved him yet it came at a cost
i had to go back
to repair the damage

yet this time
this one time I knew
i will eventually come

back here


..billy oh..

a sandwich is sensible with more proper nutrients

the pizza would be preferable though

the goo and tastiness remaining

i wonder which you chose
maybe both and billy oh why


fill those pockets with nosh
for the day before the day


and why did predictive change the tasty word
to nastiness

you see I altered it backwards
now going forward

i know there are pizzas in the freezer
two on the top shelf under the more
sensible stuff

we keep it well stocked these days

well you know….

billy oh


you say pants while we say trousers probably or jeans

my mum said slacks way back then

we say pants for underwear

worn under

we can talk about vests another time

pockets in clothes are a thing that were for men

only back then

ladies wearing tie on pockets or using bags

it seems that lucy locket lost hers
while someone else did find it


tiredness can make us grumpy

and in my case

fairly dangerous and clumsy

best be careful then
and stay safe james

..surplus shop..

those overalls you mentioned that we call dungarees

makes us feel happy you know over here

i have his and I have surplus from the army
shop that was in holdenhurst road and soft

new ones

when I was little mum made them from thick
curtain fabric


i did the same for mine in green
and matching for the bear you know

later when you grow you can cut them
to make bibbed shorts which were very

de rigueur in the sixties

i mainly wear mine while gardening and such like
while the newer ones kept for special


.here in wales.

i like geese especially the ones that fly over
early morning

the sounds

those at the coast or down the estuary too
far away to photograph
to capture

their image

seven in a row all dead
is a real disaster

i like the white ones on farms
that hiss if one approaches near

we are liking birds to stay alive yet
sadly this is not so

so with these thoughts in mind
i tackled the hedge behind the fence

i say hedge yet more like undergrowth
imagined in the jungle

after five hours got tired and dangerous

so will continue today

i am surprised

and we have three more
towns back in lockdown

here in wales

.on the news.

patterns change with weather


we find that hedges do not protect

from hail and pouring rain


the jacket comes the same
just a different colour

i have one more payment
to come

when will he realise that
all things have changed

when will he read something

she says that is the latest
and tells me her name

on the news


it came that not all things can be savoured

nor mended

have to be recycled or thrown away

am open to suggestions

take my pick

swim along the flow

yesterday was different and we had a lovely time

was giggly
over silly things

today if dry the work comes challenging
yet I have a plan and determination

we noticed there is a huge crack in the church


while looking for birds

.no picture.

we don’t have coyotes here

we have badgers & foxes

rarely seen

except dead on the road

it is a bloody shame

he said that they have no road sense
why would they being invented before cars

roads & such like

the guillemot was dead too
and when I told he did not know

that bird so I described & stood drying

my wings

i have no religion
the angel was a house warming



as good as new

all these years on


how wonderful to see the age

differing fabrics

the stitching from before

if I could I would come sit quietly
with her to look

maybe we could plan how we could mend
it together

by the open window

breeze and our murmuring on memories

held in the cloth

remember how I told that they stitched
along the coast here so all would have warmth
in winter?

our blankets were cream wool with red stitches each end

a satin label declaring the name
or cotton utility mark

until the sixties and mum followed fashion

we did not stitch quilts
things had moved on

i still stay warm in winter