.st ives.

“Dear Sonja,

St Ives Rotary Club enjoyed another successful and enjoyable ‘Spot the Artist’ event culminating in the sale of the donated artwork on Sunday.

The event raised £11,735, an excellent result which was similar to that of each of the past 2 years. The proceeds will be divided on a 50/50 basis between local arts charities and organisations(including the St Ives School of Painting for work with young people) and Rotary charities and good causes, including the campaign to eliminate polio in the world.

Thanks are due to you and to more than 280 other generous artists who gave artwork to the event, and to the many members of the public who enthusiastically supported us.

Your beautiful paintings were sold”


. rules .

hard to keep rules,
where there are no rules.

hard to be a yard stick these days,
when others use meters.

found it exhausting, packing,
making the installations. it

is not hard, yet my mental
got exhausted.

i went to the party.