days left,

three voices

rise, until just one is heard

there is always something
which is often nothing

to worry about

stressing over imagined happenings
which don’t  occur

she came worried about monkey pox
so made her ordinary  tea

the next day I travelled  up
walked the streets and saw

the stories there
for a change

the voices rise

.the summer house.

the summer house is gone

destroyed some years back now due to health and safety fears from the new owner

who was opening the house back up for holidays

i suggested that i could relocate it

yet they burned it, the pretty thing with all the imagined memories

i have a modern one gone faded now

then i wonder if she wanted to see my brother instead

. 21 green road .

today i work with the imaginary

and bless all the foxes, their pointy ears upward.

you know i thought she come to see me all those years ago
i mean she was not meant to leave

although there was no section that time

i think

she had to go back
yet there  was no phone at grans

no one came for her

i have no memory
no recall


what happened after she arrived
except she looked small and clean

and was upset

and it was a warm day
dusty in the alley

bless all the foxes, their pointy ears upward

.st ann’s.

you know I thought she came to see me all those years ago

from the hospital

two buses changing at the square

came round the side of granny’s house
with the border of ferns and blue

through the high side gate

yesterday while talking to you
i realised she may have come
to see her mother


i can’t remember the rest
can’t remember what happened next


he asked me who will be afraid of our ghosts

ghosts of humans
when we are gone

i replied the animals
then after i thought

it will be everything left
behind us

plants and earth
land and seascape

littered with the stuff
of us
the terrible ghosts


this time of morning i eat a bun maybe
or croissant which is french

drink coffee
watch the news

that seems to be mostly sport
so i idly look up  while writing

my blog

i have tried watching tennis
i like the clothes and think
of friends who enjoy it

there are no real spectators
due to the sick


sometimes i see the film reviews
with the nice presenter

i like him
I like films

i sip my coffee

.the difference shows.

it was last week then early this week
they cut the grass

two of them in the graveyard
until late afternoon

each evening the buzzard came
the cats waited

it is short now with all their hard work

yesterday  the other man came
to tidy up their tidying up

washed the stones

my side the flowers grow tall
the grass still green


she normally goes earlier
though being later yesterday

we met again
and chatted

her daughter also walks daily
with her friend and the dog

we talked about the track
and other  little things

like the mileage
and her knee

you know

then the warden came
and i thanked him for the garden

the wildlife garden


is flat down there nearer by the sea
where all hope is abandoned  via the councils

voted for

where it was decided to buy the higher house
in both scenarios

with grit and slight gusto

things come in layers
and differing shades

he taught us in painting class

step by step until drowsy

so we opened the windows
decided not to return again

is flat down there  nearer the sea
we sat and watched the train come in
admired the white horses grazing afar

birds played on the fences