says if you have the character, you need the clothes to match.


sweeping statements and all that cultural stuff.  we need to

change our outlook, to do as we wish.


not hurting no one, and being kind.


look where pleasing other people got us.


i have a character, i have some clothes.

a freedom even i will envy.


get used to it.




.daily post.


no reflection

. pip .

featured today at Poetry Circle thanks to Michael Ashley editor

sonja benskin mesher

a shortened version of blackberry pips, and phillip. she made

me bread, a reject of her former days. with banana and flour.

cake is good for you it has eggs ,               not sure how many .

he seems to write different now, i wish that i did, i do try and

sometimes it works.

the pips do their job, sticking round teeth, helping us go natural.

i found one in my ear.




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.. reading daily ..

#what more do you expect & .verdict.

published today at the

BeZine. Thank you,

sonja benskin mesher

seems the punishment is     cancelled.

pat says some folk          paid the price


we hope he is right. what benefit is


there are leaflets to explain. in the



other power houses.

i visit regular without no ticket.

the formal compaint has not yet

been realised.

it was well over a week ago.

i read daily.


daily post – reprieve


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. bees and honey.

lean on the old  fence,

watch the bees bumbling.


there are wild flowers here

and brambles.


she cuts those mid afternoon, makes

a tidy pile to clear later.


it is the thirteenth, we are quite lucky.


the bite comes up big and red, swollen.

remarks are made, feeling odd. sleep early.


bees and honey; other insects.




.daily post .


time passsed