.the goods train.

yes now you say the temperature I can see the shaking

hear the breath

i reiterate that I share the excitement both

yours and his

sent it to a friend who likes trains too

i watched an interview of a famous man
talk about his childhood trauma

and how sometimes he takes that child
with him


with reassurance

watches the delight at
the experiences

sounds like a good thing to do james

it is not so wet here today

.the ancient.

so a copy and paste

and hang the washing out

despite the storm

to spite the storm


she said it would be difficult

and it was

the early days

despite predicted text

the wonder was if he came back

to talk things over

or discuss what had happened since

how would the conversation be this time

it is what is wanted

that will never happen

what if he had died that night


he rose the morrow morn

.night scented stocks.

love the line
my little room that overlooks
the river

such an image in my mind

my grans are dead
seemed to have three and i don’t know really

there was gran who baked the beans that
i spoke of yesterday though i never ate none

then there was granny pussycat who i never
knew really

and granny wigs

grandads were all gone and missing

except mr palmer who was no relation

and had a good workshop
tidy and interesting and

that is a fact

proper grandad was a green grocer
i was told with a horse and
cart which fell on him

the delivery horses ate the flowers in gran’s
front garden

night scented stocks she said


small changes are coming

having an action twenty times
equals an habit she says

a hundred or more may
be that too

gently gently make those little

make things interesting

move it about
and dance fast

then dance sultry

stand with the music
look beyond the border

i had some beans at supper
left over from the day before

was not keen no more

gran said they were junk
only she did not use that


she baked them herself
did not buy tinned

.rate this translation.

maybe now while comfy here
and not fancying tea just coffee

it was a migraine yesterday
with a funny neck and things
went wrong

and the town has covid
a few miles away

i have kept away for a long time
a long long time

and have not missed it
though I did drive through
once to see the changes

there is a chap wrote a diatribe
in welsh with common sense
regarding the pandemic and

the facebook translation is

while at the same time
not any good
and very funny james….

very very funny


good that things come different
that all is not the same

all the time

i could write regarding monotony

then tell you the predicted of which came two

the usual board game and a mode of marriage

accepted some places
illegal the other

she implied she was married
and many assumed so

yet he never divorced
my mother

all things come differing


.mixed cotton.

sleep comes different
with the variety of fabrics


linen is dense and natural

as is cotton
only lighter

this cover was not chosen
with the full blown roses
and darkling pink

nestling in the airing cupboard
lower I found it and thought a

change may be nice
and so it is
we sleep lovely


i cannot find the pillowcases
that are remembered for being

perhaps were discarded with no
design merit

there is no remembrance of the

yet will remain here as a sleep aid


early yet

I have to tell you

i went a different way
to avoid the usual

found it was a parkland
with long hedges cut sideways

the back much longer
than the front

to create an anomaly

saw a white egret fly up and over
corrected the predicted from


walked home and watched the news