.dad’s mallet.


your dad


inside something turns

when i see his mallet




with the blue tape


i had best


take a photograph

of dad’s mallet


so you can see the handle taped






.the star.

it seemed ok at that time

the sounds he made

& that particular face.


think of it now/skin crawls



in prison

guilty as charged


some historic things


.thus gone.



you know that buddha


head statue

in the garden from the pound shop @ one pound

i had  one & gave you one two




how they fell apart in the cold…..


i put the bits in a box & today hammered them

to make gravel




a path in the garden


.the white room.

the white room gallery




  • the sea paintings



*Metaphorically, i have spent much of my life, keeping my head above water. Dealing with life facts and disappointments, not forgetting the quiet times to help the work along I lived on the coast, played by the sea ….



*As a child, I floated gently until all became spongey. Now I swim head above water, up and down obsessively counting, hoping all will come clear..


in no particular

5 works

these are NOT my photographs


*roger cecil – one small work

Roger Cecil (18 July 1942 – 22 February 2015) was a Welsh painter and mixed media artist.



*anselm kiefer

Anselm Kiefer (born 8 March 1945) is a German painter and sculptor. He studied with Joseph Beuys and Peter Dreher during the 1970s…..






*anna maria pacheco – the longest journey


Ana Maria Pacheco The Longest Journey, 1994 Polychrome wood, gold leaf – 320 x 335 x 975 cm

th (1)



*joseph beuys


Joseph Beuys’s use of unconventional materials, such as felt, wax, and fat, characterise his artworks. Whilst museums strive to obtain artists’ instructions regarding their objects’ life-span and care, Beuys’s preferences were largely unrecorded or inconsistent. The three case studies of Beuys works presented here explore museum decision-making when confronted with unclear artist attitudes to conservation intervention, and objects evincing material and conceptual decay.




*edwin long – the flight to egypt


Edwin Longsden Long RA was an English genre, history,  and portrait painter.



there are many pictures at this house, two dimensional and more. how can I love one

child above another?

I had only one, so that was easy, then questioned if I loved the late arrival more, I said no just different.


so I talk out loud instead of writing .

a new prose. I  talk of formative years, the safe place.


russell coates museum. have you been there? it was free on thursdays a haven from the rain,




indoor fish pond, quiet on the stairs, to the edwin long gallery. the flight to egypt. looking

back now, I never thought of it religious.  immense it covered the wall.


I use the past tense, yet it is still in place.


on googling I see  the topic is biblical, I remember the procession, the faces, the space  as

if his meaning was hidden to me.


now by choice it is.


do I make such pictures?  no.


weird stuff as if installed in a museum.