.morte de guerre.

we needed a translator to explain the word.


a differing gender.


he was someone’s brother.


mort de guerre








.soldjer bombed dead.

the bandage is pointless, will not help him nor no one else who is



shall i make some more, label them and roll  tight ready.          we

use the rubber stamp on paper         trace through onto rags. it is

a fine pen.


still connected our thread is black.



quite dead.


you came late, scattering all you saw.


left quickly.


mistakes occur.


soldjer bombed dead.






.on the other side, talking to james.

My thanks to James Stephen for his input on this work. A Poetry Circle conversation..poetry circle.


on the other side
of the path
one yellow flower


early, the crowd came to see the famous arch . laburnum. i came to see the kitchen garden, seeds growing


old words
for things once common
when the things disappeared
the words went with them


some words remain remembered;
scullery, coal scuttle, hod,

that is yellow.


have a vacuum for
most things
broom is for incidentals,
crevices, or when I’m lazy
’bout getting vacuum out

broom is red
with matching dustpan


i have a vacuum
there is nothing there.

the broom is for

the garden

or elsewhere for smelling like coconut


sweep your garden ?


slate bits

came from gloddfa ganol….quarry in blaenau.

front yard. leaves fall.



leaves here falling too
a tree here a tree there
so far
soon it will be
all of them together

a collective shed

next 6 months
nothing but bare branches


these are the falling days.