i told you it was a level of buttercups

still is where the council have not cut.


now higher & here & there comes the





in colour with stature.


as i child i made tea with the seeds

& unable to drink for fearĀ  changed

the idea to perfume.



seems that you are trouble, is that correct?



it seems you need to let the birds sing

& not eat them?


i was hungry.


she came here angry & shaky at what you had done.

she doesn’t get that you are wild ones & do not know

her rulings on food.


does she eat animals though?


i expect so


her husband catches fish

.no talent.

she says i have it & i am not sure .


i says the main thing is that you do it

honestly & seriously.


the first step.


then keep doing it with intention.


i feel all have the ability.


one step leads to the next. you maybe just need to do it.

whatever it is.


think on the birds.



. note to thelma.

Yes we are all aging together and it is part of life. There are compensations for me: things not allowed in youth are permissable now. So i gets plenty of ice creams….

I have mailed Carol as I see I am on a big day out next Tuesday so am unable to come over for the meeting, and I am sorry.

I remembered proverbs and wrote the bit below. Please send my greetings to all and also from Rosey. Have a good summer and maybe see you in Port.