letter to a friend 6

~ 21 & writing alone ~

I used to write alone.

gradual public appearance,
now slowly and slowly.

yet after whiles,
i can write in public, in plas newydd
and places, places.

people talk , enquire, join
in the general converstaion.

when people are dying, others
fret over the little
things, that
should not matter.

i know. i did.

new place, new faces.

i am enjoying projects
regarding love letters,
never sent, to be sent.

i am smaller now, slightly brown,
enjoying the things i do.

treasure your friendship,
however difficult.

i wish i could start again, some times,
be a traveller, enquire on new things,
yet there may be time.

enjoy your exhibition,
viewing, tell me of it.

when you are settled,
i may come.

sincerely yours



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