4 thoughts on “258. knowing

  1. ¡Ah, to be aware of underware (non-sic)!

    Marjorie Plums & Green Gooseberries for jamming (plums with green aniseed; goossberries with a nip of Pernod).
    The first Discoveries of The Season also freshly pressed juice from said apples.
    All this bounty from our old friends at Chegworth Valley (Kent).
    Do you have a quince tree to contemplate Sonja. Have you seen ‘Quince Tree Sun’ (‘El Sol Del Membrillo’) directed by Victor Erice (winner of the 1992 Critics Prize at Cannes) ? You as a painter will more fully understand what I mean by contemplation after having viewed this cinematic masterpiece. I saw this film in the company of Oscar Ceballos (Painter, native of Sevilla en Al Andaluz) (along with his then Love: Mary Peate) (we all shared flat 42 here at Brandram’s then). Oscar was so proud to take us, in that year that Seville was on the map, because of the Barca’ Olympics. His work (Tapies was a monumental influence on his work, in spite of Oscar being a natural colourist) was influenced deeply by the artist portrayed in this film. It is one of the few DVD’s I would recommend anyone to buy. Every art department in TheseOurIsles should hold a copy (along with the collected works of John Berger). ¡Viva La Sola!

    ¡ xXR(de Cordova) !


    • I have not seen the quince tree Richard, nor do i have one to contemplate. There was one down the lane, yet some one grubbed it up. Mostly thinking of blackberries now, ans a few early apples. Hoping you are well today, I have a day of honest work x


      • All my London Wasteland foraging places have been built over .ThreeMills, Bow was my favourite. There must have been several variatals of bramble bush in this largely undisturbed (since WWII) space. I’m reliant upon visiting Our Sussex demesnes for gathering these days. Last year there wasn’t much . I await my Sister’s call…..

        Have a productively wonderful day OurSonja.


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