. laid for tea.

it is a huge space,
few fellow travellers, all counted in.

nicely embellished, we commented on it
our necks bent. the armoire was locked
of course, as is the meaning of it all.

they were laying the place for tea, so no
bell rang, no one spoke of it that day.

a constant sound, was it his voice?

they will pray for him, all is in disorder.

except the tea tables.


..daily post..


5 thoughts on “. laid for tea.

  1. Sonja, hi.

    I enjoyed the above (as ever with your wonderful quotidian work.
    I’ve joined this excellent site.

    I don’t know whether they have put out my initial/qualifying post yet….
    It’s called ‘MotherFatherGhost’ should you chance upon it.

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