Picking Up The Thread: fibre arts

so do i


The Women’s Arts Association opted for some imaginative fun in their autumn show. “Picking Up The Thread” is on show at Butetown History & Arts Centre on Bute Street until November 29th. The theme is fibre and the interpretation has a wide range.  Each Women’s Arts member was to bring a guest or heirloom, and there are over 50 pieces to see.


The images on the poster are by Sonja Benskin Mesher.  In the cabinet are sculptor Dilys Jackson’s cloth doll and clothes which she made while ill aged 13, and  a sampler of tatting (a form of lace-making) by Amy Trout.  Dilys writes that “She worked for Vickers Aircraft Co [applying as A Trout ie they thought she was a man] and then was appointed  Lecturer in Aeronautical Engineering at Southampton University.  She was an Esperantist and a Horticulturalist.”  The tatting is lovely too.

On the wall above…

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2 thoughts on “Picking Up The Thread: fibre arts

  1. Thanks for the re-blog, Sonja, as well as the lovely images which came out so well on the poster, and your work, so do i, which was much appreciated, and Ann Conway’s wonderful sheep.

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