. mill .

i assumed she is your mother, i watched you

both so kind to each other.




i could not walk yesterday, was working.

the drive home that feeling came again,

after all those years.


the news was devastating. please be kind

to another.







5 thoughts on “. mill .

  1. Thanks as ever Sonja….🍎⚜🍏⚜⚜🍏⚜🍎
    ‘The Kindness’ is what Rilke & Wenders showed some of their Angels attempting to offer in respectively ‘The Duino Elegies’ & ‘Angels Over Berlin’ (‘Wings Of Desire’ the rubbish English ‘version’ title). The opening shots from ‘Angels Over Berlin’ show the pages of ‘The Duino Elegies’ being turned as the narrator reads stanzas from the page…


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