. hesitation .

she suggested that i write a novel,   when

i noted that she walked briskly to the post

box,                                       dressed suitably.

i do not copy                                   plagiarise

or write about my friends.

on consideration the issue i had with shampoo

may have started in my youth.        she said soap

was good enough for me. i found it sticky and


they decided on the children’s home  as

if  it was true regarding my worth.

last week i bought a pleasant blend, decanted

into a special bottle

like  an elixir.

i also bought soap.

just now a helicopter flew low.

i saw the pilot.




daily post – hesitate


3 thoughts on “. hesitation .

  1. Very interesting read. I definitely sense the hesitation, in the structure and layout of the poem itself and in the imagery, almost there, as if the poet hesitates to finish, hesitates either out of uncertainty, or an intentional unwillingness to go all the way to clarity. As I said, very interesting read. I like it a lot!!

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