. 60. numbers and notes .

  1.  13.    care.                                   .                                                  #place

mother                                                                                   #place

where is  father?

  1. 15.   left school. left                      home.                                     #place

brought back by officials.

respite  with dancing,                                                                  thinner.

jazz                                                                       stones be came heavier.

these were the days. el cabala                                                             #place

elcabala                                                                                                    #place


  1. 16. left home, homeless


officials. taken back ‘home’

  1. 17. leave home. brought back
  2. 17+.daughter.
  3.   ‘home’                                                                                         #place
  4.  19+.   ‘home’             mother

diagnosed, overdosing at                      mention of her leaving.

  1. 19. brother  visited, bothering.                                learned a thing

or two.

  1. 20.
  2. 21.  forgot her birthday.

brief outline..

glady.  some was in code.

the numbers were senseless.

whatever was wrong yesterday is gone today, yet there is still that buzzing in the ears.

the itching may have been just a dream. times of change can be                        painful.


this is not what we are used to.




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