.. mill town ..

wrap the house around you, then                            leave it.   out into the only world you know.   anxiety  comes with           the unfamiliar.                                         they call down the chimney.

so i will go back.   look at the buildings. two museums hiding,.               look at the buildings,

this is a mill town.

i watched you both so kind to each other.              apparently

the drive home that feeling came again, after all those years.

some days are soothing, having made a new pattern.                       we have heavy work.all those years ago when i followed  instructions           never thought that i can change them.

so i got home and the wind has blown some of the leaves away….   surprised to find I was crying quietly.

yet   we still wander touching. personal items.

beware the glass, it rattles. beware the clever words.                           at the mill the cloth is heavy




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