.Religion. The Challenge.

Halls Writing Forum.


Thanks St Edmunds College. Oxford.

“Sonja’s two poems are highly poised and relate nicely to their photos in a slightly haunting way”


Thank you.

. is this an religion?.

maybe we need to check our numbers at the end, see if one or more are missing.


need to count them carefully, one side then the other.it is all a pattern, that keeps

us safely, moves us onward.


have faith in good and pleasant ways.  be kind to the one next to you.        he was still

laying down and mumbling.


‘why have you not shared that one about belief ?’     i think i forgot.

‘did anyone read it?’   i don’t know.   he slipped back to sleep holding

the rags.

it was nice to sit quiet, watch the shaking, the belief in all those things.

good to hear the voice raised at the back.






exploring the hallway,
pondering religion,
i find the pith helmets,
be careful how you
thay it.

she is all turbans
and coral necklace.

she is vogue,




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