. protest challenge .

Sonja: ~ winter food ~ A short enigmatic poem full of conflict. The title and the photo of bread on a broken plate suggest privation. The little ‘i’ indicates self-effacement but ‘narcissus’ the opposite, mysterious and concentrated.

~winter food ~

there was no fanfare,
no procession, no proclamation,
as i hit the button, no exclaimation
as i changed my life. as if no one
noticed, and if i am right, they
probably didn’t.

didn’t see as i drove the valley,
didn’t protest, or speak in tongues,
did not see the little things.

we bought winter food.




:: words :: Another short powerful poem of contrast. The verses are symmetrically arranged around a rejection of words: ‘I would screw my words/if it would help.’ The spreadeagled doll in the photo, however, is a victim only of the ‘hot and dandy night’.



not of war, it is peaceful here.
I have heard such dreadful stories
of casualties, these days
and before. senseless.

I would screw my words
if it would help.

I can help this one,
a victim of the
hot and dandy night.
I will show you his photograph.



.. the civil war .. The poet realises her own words cannot hide their real meaning ‘even with punctuation.’ A short powerful protest, cocooning and then rejecting the title.

.. the civil war ..

i posted it, titled it. civil war.

stopped and wondered how any war, any fight,

any death, anger and destruction. any child hurt.

can be termed, ‘civil’.

even with punctuation.


double meanings.



Thanks to St Edmunds Hall writing forum  for the challenge


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