. cipher1 /ˈsʌɪfə/.

frozen, the code will not work, nor will the counting with interruptions, all things moved about. there is a discount, on top the discount, so a discussion ensued on buttons.

now there is an understanding.  the season of it all fits, the picture is made the pieces are in place. left on the tray, photographed for all to see.

talked in numbers and rhythms. a train passed, gulls flew the heat haze. on return, no one spoke.

i have written of them before, now in sign and symbol, i regard, that ‘again’ brings a sense of permanence, that familiarity does not always mean contempt , yet continuity.

spring comes round, and we keep the litte things, again.





6 thoughts on “. cipher1 /ˈsʌɪfə/.

  1. Reblogged this on sonja benskin mesher and commented:

    “Cipher – Sonia Benskin Mesher
    By withholding information this poem draws you in and intrigues. It feels like a journal entry – a description of a shopping trip, some modern retail hell, then, through involvement in art, resolves into a more philosophical questioning of the importance of repetition and ritual in our lives. By the time we arrive at the last line – “spring comes around, and we keep the little things, again” – we feel the journey has arrived at an important conclusion. ”

    thanks St Edmund Hall Oxford writing forum

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