:: a journey, as if we go together ::

( a collaboration )

this soughtland
where the
dead lie


let us find
a greynight’s sleep
when razor
a distant wall

i’ll love you
on green earth
where children see
the shrapnel fade.

a different lane.
dialogue hints.

slower train or off
the rail. go driving.

out into the only world we know.

i assumed she is your mother, i watched you both so kind to each other.

my mind is set & so unaccomplished
that I have no desires for other than those places
close. those places that sooth and

pass. time.

watch a cloud floating high. re imagine the world.
forget the learning, start again,then we may understand,
or not.

will you watch the world treading.
water floats my heart high .reflected red below, sky above.
will you hold me up when i am failing, no longer floating . will you play soft music?

Reuben Woolley (Spain)
Sonja Benskin Mesher (Wales)




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