. cipher spoken clear .

passed over by accident, the
thing occured naturally,
without clerics. without beatitude.

given by friendship, yet
piety slowly eroded.

they come now with learning,
holding large words, a different language.

the charm now gone,
perhaps they did not need it any more.

once again, it is said, that,
they speak latin. made
the word bleed.





2 thoughts on “. cipher spoken clear .

  1. Reblogged this on sonja benskin mesher and commented:

    “Cipher Spoken Clear – Sonia Benskin Mesher
    I love this poem, though I do not fully understand it. It is if we are watching a story through a veil – a series of shadowy events and emotions alluded to but not fully grounded, tentative. Even the poet is feeling her way here: “perhaps:, “it is said that”. A love affair, a mystic marriage, a conflict between love and social convention?”

    Thanks to St Edmund Hall, Oxford writing forum.

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