. cipher spoken clear .

“Cipher Spoken Clear – Sonia Benskin Mesher
I love this poem, though I do not fully understand it. It is if we are watching a story through a veil – a series of shadowy events and emotions alluded to but not fully grounded, tentative. Even the poet is feeling her way here: “perhaps:, “it is said that”. A love affair, a mystic marriage, a conflict between love and social convention?”

Thanks to St Edmund Hall, Oxford writing forum.

sonja benskin mesher

passed over by accident, the
thing occured naturally,
without clerics. without beatitude.

given by friendship, yet
piety slowly eroded.

they come now with learning,
holding large words, a different language.

the charm now gone,
perhaps they did not need it any more.

once again, it is said, that,
they speak latin. made
the word bleed.



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