. it is a daily prompt .

twin massives,

blackened lakes,

kissing the ancestors,

hugging the memories.

“the will of the people

over ride

that of the mystery”

so saith

An investigation into the effects of large iconic buildings on human emotion. My effort to evaluate the last days of the power house..

Trawsfynydd Power station was designed by renowned British architect Sir Basil Spence and was completed in 1961. It is regarded by some architectural experts as a fine example of Modernist architecture that is worthy of preservation.

However, Magnox North plans to lessen the visual impact of the building by reducing the two 55 metre reactor buildings by half and installing a new ‘wavy’ roof. Work is due to start later this year.


News: 24/11/09

Sonja is a local artist who has exhibited around the world and currently has works in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Her studio, a medieval longhouse in Llanelltyd, is close to the power station, which has inspired a number of paintings, drawings and writing.

“I am hoping that my work will add something to the debate about the future of the building,” says Sonja. “The power station is one of those controversial places. The building is a massively beautiful form that affects me.”

searching yet i find nothing. huge in front of me, the machine is stuck. it is decommissioned. power house.

where is the power house,
metal books he said.

concrete palaces for those
that prey.

he grew it plant like,
fought it,
numbered it

glue boards of writing
stuckt with words.

drawing into the process
of nothing,
his life of mind
in metal made large.

I am small in this place.

I have seen him take photographs.

i am small in this place

slate looms large
thrown unbalanced
waiting for water
to start the slide

small boys know to run
at the noise, shelter
from the war.

I know no such thing,
my soul slides into mud,

i am small


daily prompt ~massive




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