. purple, the daily post .

this is a challenge; i find that i have written a few already…..


. purple.

so, sir. i hear that you wear purple under that

sullen coat.                                                   i hear

it is the colour                                            of god.


yet those who do not believe wear it    proudly,

most of the time.                                             sir.


look at him.                                             just a boy.




. lilac .

just one day left to write on  purple

for no particular reason except it is



one day left to remember the    lilac

he wished was white, and then it was



one day today to change the colour

of blood.


purple is family, the colour of walls ,

time of remembrance.


lavender will not grow here, the soil is

not appropriate.





. another jacket .

i bought the jacket on tuesday
wore it on wednesday to work.

a retail outlet we likes to look
smart and proper mostly. wore
boots as it was cooler. i thought

it was blue, the girl said purple.

we all see things different.



. do you remember?

when the horse went down, you read glyn hughes?

the field is flowers now, grasses,one patch
of purple thistles

it is said most things have feelings, so

we walk the lane, wild now, watched the
water beetles, swallows dip.

memories crowding in, i talked too much.

there were several visitors, some picnicked
by my gate.

then, the kettle broke.
i will remember you.


.another daily post.


daily post – purple



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