:: fortune/2 with 22 responses ::

their link says fortune/2 with 22 responses. we are good

to take up the challenge each day. step by step we work

to make a fortune here.


not bags of gold, no no.


we like just nice things to eat and comfort. we like to feel



same as most others. i watch a programme last evening

about those who want more.


i live in the country, i have said this before.




daily post : fortune




One thought on “:: fortune/2 with 22 responses ::

  1. Reblogged this on sonja benskin mesher and commented:

    .greed challenge.
    Sonja, ‘fortune 2. With 22 responses’

    “I don’t fully understand the context, but it was effective to focus on the simple need for creature comforts at the heart of this poem. It is interesting to think about the overlap between comfort and greed. The country emerges as a healthy alternative to the city.”
    Thanks Halls Writing Forum. Oxford.

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