. found interview: the woven tale press .

You write poetry but you also pursue photography. How did you come about combining the two as you often do on your posts on The Woven Tale Press site?

My work is multidisciplinary, so encompasses various media, whichever suits. The combination was organic, words and pictures.

You also seem to have a signature style that involves a play on punctuation. How did that come about?

I like dots, marks and patterns. I like the visual aspect. .I like to draw.

How did you come to writing poetry? 

Started with a blog site that I was encouraged to used, and the words came thus. It is the way I think, (I guess.)

You are a very prolific poet – how are you able to so consistently generate new material?

Each day is different, each day we experience.

Do you write in other genres as well, memoir or fiction?

I have .

Do you have writing rituals or habits, and how do you make space in your life for your writing?

I mostly write early morning, yet if words come later, I settle to write.

Do you ever write longhand?

Oh yes, and like that very much, yet I also like the tapping on the keys


Who or what are your biggest influences, be it books, films, mentors, etc.?

Daily life mostly. Small lives, I am interested in small lives.

What brought you to writing? Was there one pivotal event or have you just always been writing?

I guess it was always there as thoughts, yet I am not sure when I wrote it down. It was and is  transitionary ..

Are there recurring themes or ideas in your work?

Oh yes, the looms, the threads, clothes and other motifs. Words in a language

What part, if any, does research play in your writing and how do you go about researching your work?

As my work is on daily life, I live it

If you have self-published, what has been your experience? What advice might you pass on to first-time authors?

I have not.

If you have been published traditionally, do you have an agent? If so, how did you find one? If not, how have you been able to sell your own work?

I do not sell it. I am glad that people read it.

Can you provide us with a photo of your writing space or favorite place to write? (Or if you do resort to stickies and paper, a photo of a revision in progress.)

Yes, I will send a photo of my new typewriter, now there is a story…


Anything else that would would like to add?

writing slightly can be a daily habit

a sign they say of all that one thinks,

may be it is not. i have many memories.

to draw on

to draw about.


As to the Woven Tale Press, I forget how we met , yet it is pleasant company, a daily routine. A constant reminder of the eclectic mix of the world.

A place where no one makes a fuss.



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