THE ELEPHANTQUAKE and other poems by readers …

Vanta Black Featured at
The Poet by Day…..thanks
Jamie Dedes


Much to my delight there are seven poetic responses this week. Bravo, my friends! The first three poems here are responses to last Wednesday’s Writing Prompt:

“How do you generally receive the night? With joy, reluctance or fear? Do you sleep well or not? Tell us in poem or prose. If you would feel comfortable doing so, please put a link to your response in the comments section below – or, if the work is short enough – just include it there that we might all enjoy it. Responses to Wednesday Writing Prompts are published here on the following Tuesday.”

I was introduced to the multitalented (poetry, art and asemic writing)  Sonja Benskin Mesher  when I featured Rueben Woolley and his work .  Sonja designed the covers for his collections.  I’ve been enamoured ever since.  Sonja says, ” I have worked full time as a visual artist since 1999, and…

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