. or ecphrasis .

.  happy couple.


seeps  in like marbled water, scum on the tide.


once we touched through holes in blankets,

now we have our own demise.


a comfort in the glass, the daily.          mirror.


there is a box unopened,


there was a photo

tied.         there was a face set with bandages.


he chose the other one.


two pictures, some of us look the other way.


a while.







3 thoughts on “. or ecphrasis .

  1. Reblogged this on sonja benskin mesher and commented:

    Thannks Halls writing forum, St Edmund’s Hall Oxford.

    Sonja’s ‘happy couple’ takes inspiration from both images and tells an intriguing and complex story of lovers’ memories, which, like the blankets in the second line, are marked by gaps and omissions. The language is powerful, ludic, and at times also menacing.


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