softly speaking … and other poems by readers

Thankyou to G Jamie Dedes

For publishing ‘softly speaking ‘.


LAST WEDNESDAY’S WRITING PROMPT: When people can’t speak-up and speak-out, they can give “voice” to their frustrations in odd ways. What kinds of strange rebellions have you observed? Tell us about that experience in poem or prose.

. softly speaking .

no need to talk, there is no one here.

no need to shout, we have no anger.

those were the early days, younger,

filled with grit and useless sentiments.

now we mindfully watch, envy old fabrics,

hear the sounds of another time, know

this is entertainment, a soothing way

to live now.

she said i looked sad,

perhaps i am.

i have a sense of wellbeing.

© 2017, Sonja Benskin Mesher


She walked down a solitary path
left behind her mistakes made
like pebbles in sand dissolving

she drove a car into the night
along a desert highway

until all she could see were stars

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