. searching for sleep .

even when very tired, the pattern remains the same, the sentences longer. this is not an issue, and is accepted gratefully. they say that the latter will bring immense relief, to try it consciously. difficult words, go google, copy, paste.

there is the mark, in the grass where your cat sleeps, we watched her from the window. precious. these are the pears on my tree, my grass is so green, this is my humour, i am company. i am your




it is that time of year, with whether,           &                    fear for those at sea,       the radio plays for me.     slightly interesting.           plans cease, while other ideas come on board. yet think hard, while all is safe and




aesthetic, showing the words for anaesthetic, little creatures placed to sleep a while. on waking find that spelling is not so awkward now. .. checked without books.           cover the title with


ghost writing.


a spidering across my face,  that mooned mirrored moment.   raising from sleep dreamed.


ghost writing.




.daily post.


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