. denplan & horses’ yards .

propped up with those softer silent pillows, birds still singing.

in the trees outside.                                                                listen.


they say it can kill.

things seems worse

than next morning.


sometimes i think that after all these years of being self. enclosed.




i may be so.


yet something drives it on, something keeps it chugging

nicely. i don’t like some words;                           this  one.


yards and furlongs sprang to mind while driving   back.


from the dentist who tapped the teeth, each one a different

note. favourite was upper left facing out next to the front

two, which cross.


a dainty tone. long drive to aber, as nowhere here will have me.


they are all full or requiring denplan, so i goes private can you

imagine !


come a long way since those years.



daily prompt.  dislike the word.



daily prompt








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