:: humming gently ::

Thanks Jude at Halls Writers Forum, St Edmund Hall, Oxford.

Nicely done, I have a hum book too … and frightening a little, dark emotion evoked with natural imagery … who else hums to keep the scary things away? My favourite of your two Scum poems Sonia.

sonja benskin mesher

quietly humming here,

  from the hum book,

 still thinking on that river.


flowing hard today, peat black,

down from the valley above,

rain soaked


turbulent, dark current blind,

yet silvered edged

to paddle.


disappointed at the madog flow,

tiding edging in , brought a yellow scum,

like badness in a marraige.


i hum in the dusk

at the pity of 

of bandages through eyes

that cannot see


**( notes i cannot tag here) and if i could, who would you see?

 small edges,

the voiced pledges.


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