. childhood challenges.

Thanks to Halls Writing forum, St Edmunds Hall , Oxford for the feedback.

“Sonja submitted three entries; I couldn’t fathom ‘As a child’ and ‘As a child too’ – I felt these paired poems might have been written for another context, and that there were too many gaps for me to fully comprehend the back-stories; but as always with Sonja’s poems I liked the sense of mystery. ‘My dad’ is pithy, wry, and powerful. I like it a lot, and it stands very well on its own with no need of the context that feels somehow missing in the other two poems”



.. as a child ..

tell us things, take us without consent. there are no records.

mine are all destroyed. ask them. there are no answers.

so we attended regularly, varied chancel houses, over

time. sit up, stand up, sit down, recite, remember, stand.

up for yourself at last.

do not believe all that you are told, all that you like to.

think about it.

you wanted to believe that you believed that.

the truth is.

you did not.




.. as a child too ..

come in dreams, the shape
of your face remaining.

there is a line now,

dreams and aspirations.

words and degradations.

lines deepen, water etched.

window open, birds sing.

mostly foggy here today.





#fathers day

.my dad.

is dead a long time now.

probably do not miss him.

he was not around us much,

well not at all really.

he buggered off.

no inspiration then.


he was my dad.

there is no photograph.



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