twitch & cringe. disgorge the news down the lavatory.

twice he told me,  bile rose, bitter green

scorching all it touched.


twitch & cringe

at news or lack of it. disgorge the mess in the back room.


there is a bolt on this door.

cringe & twitch.


photograph the blackened mirror. nothing will



i dreamed he brought me rats…..



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One thought on “.mirrored.

  1. Reblogged this on sonja benskin mesher and commented:

    Thanks to Halls writing forum. Oxford for feedback.

    Sonja Benskin Mesher: . mirrored .

    This is a powerful piece of writing, quite ominous in its choice of imagery: just what is the news that makes the reader of it cringe and twitch? Why does it have to be flushed down the lavatory? Whatever the actual news, it is so terrible that the reader retches – the concept of bitter green bile scorching, not just the gullet as it rises, but everything it touches is disturbing. Even though “there is a bolt on this door” one is left with the idea that this will prove an insufficient safeguard and the terrible news – perhaps the rats the writer dreams of – is inescapable. An excellent piece of writing which meets the terms of the challenge exactly.

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