. Lelant, simply that .

“I remember that you went to Cornwall- wherever that is, I thought at the time.

We had to go to collect you at the bus/coach station, and mother was indignant that your hair was in some way different.

I recall that you were in St Ives, is Lelant nearby? It must be one of the few places in Cornwall not lumbered with a Saint to carry.

As to your question, I don’t exactly know how old you were…at an estimate, around 8 years old?

I hope this finds you as it leaves me.”

sonja benskin mesher

There are no records left; I asked them.

The probation officer arranged it, he was helping my brother. My trip may have been unofficially organised.

I was taken to meet the lady, I remember her name, her home clearly. Mum kitted me out in hand knitteds, summer and lace up shoes. I was shocked by the latter; I aways had straps.

I may have been 6 years old; there is no record.

We went on the bus , cook and I, to the small cottage hotel, Lelant by the sea. A bus ride from St. Ives, a short walk down the hill to the beach to play.

My host went shopping, introducing me to her friends, and worrying over my hair. The hairdresser suggested that cutting was not the answer and I was provided with a dark green ribbon, shiny, wide and expensive. I imagined the cost.

The food was…

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