she told me


her uncle,

in war painted

white crosses on men who deserted.


an aim for those

who shot them.


she said,

he was never the same after.



it happens.  mistakes are made. we do not know why.          the soldier died.   we have thoughts, dismissed. & no one talks of it.



i dream i dream of

white feathers dipped in blood.

bloody mess  wars,

bodies rotting  there.             there

are   thoughts while stitching that

this could save the world.

a quiet thing. no injuries, the blood

comes small in useful            drops.

drops down,      meditative sound.

white feathers fall.


i think you find, madam, it is #reality.   reports that they shouted coward.


jack o’lantern









Military justice copy/paste

British troops witnessed the annihilation of their friends on a daily basis  ©Most of the three million British troops soon knew they faced almost certain death on the battlefield. Day after day they would witness the annihilation of their friends, never knowing if or when they would be next. On some occasions whole battalions were wiped out, leaving just a handful of confused, terrified men. But those who shirked their responsibility soon learned there was no way out of the horror – if they ran from German guns, they would be shot by British ones.

Private Thomas Highgate was the first to suffer such military justice. Unable to bear the carnage of 7,800 British troops at the Battle of Mons, he had fled and hidden in a barn. He was undefended at his trial because all his comrades from the Royal West Kents had been killed, injured or captured. Just 35 days into the war, Private Highgate was executed at the age of 17.




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