.. my neighbourhood ..


they moved the mirror, when blankly looking found nothing there, except vertigo and framed birds nesting. the moon jars, have melted stone.


men in the village, are older now. the moth returns.


time is limited these days. those one admired in youth devastate us now. can we know all things, we only went twice ? the back road was littered



About the neighborhood and for the neighborhood (reflections on the dynamics of daily life), event and exhibition with mail art workshops, at Os Castros.
The received works will be exhibited in the “tallerdepolo” (neighborhood Os Castros). Also on this page and in the “blog”
The size and technique will be free and the deadline for
receiving works will be on December 1, 2018.
No jury. No fees. No return
Carlos Botana and “tallerdepolo”, plastic arts workshop,
invite artists from all over the world and no age limit
to take part in the mail art call “neighborhood”
Send your artworks to:

tallerdepolo / Carlos Botana
Rúa / Monte das Moas 17-baixo
Os castros- 15009 -A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.



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