would you write a thing so intense that you shook while reading & still shaking 5 hours later?

sonja benskin mesher

little red house

little white house



those blossom laden fruit trees

in the country

start of life

my beautiful childhood

red house  first; emptied

hollowed chambered

breathe breathe………

the rest of  your life…

breathe breathe

zyklon b

drag them

bury them

oh then build a another  little cottage

build it white, like a  pretty village

plant small flowers, warm the water


breathe breathe

they stand waiting

it takes up

to 20 minutes

until the silence

zyklon b

drag them

bury them

hold your breath

he lived by the village with his  fair children; a beautiful childhood

little  theatre conversion


butchers blood

no record of him hitting anyone

nor killing them personally

he commanded

middle-class  son husband and father

bloody murderer

over a million

it is

reported that

he hoped to reeducate the jews

zyklon b

reported  that he killed himself using an electrical extension cable

fastened to…

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