…december 2018 news…



” a rare, a written thing; the song that winter brings”



this year has brought changes as most days & years do.


the practice has a new studio in bala, and a new agenda here in the home studio.

both places afford space for me to work and to teach when requested.


for any information about visiting or learning ; even chatting do mail me




the new work agenda brings a focus in the studios on my own ideas and my inclusion in collaborative projects

so rather than list the projects where the work is shown i feel it enough to say that i will remain involved with those galleries and publications that request work

so as we lead up to midwinter i move forward with excitement and pleasure with this new beginning


…home studio, llanelltyd


studio at hen blas, bala



sonja benskin mesher rca ua

..sports day..

“i do not wish to win the race nor even take part”

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