. it is a gift .

“The Gift – Sonja
Every now and again I binge on Sonja’s poems, reading several weeks’ worth at a sitting and entering into the quiet goings on of her life in Wales, charmed by her wit and humour. This is of a piece with that great sequence. I didn’t quite understand what the poem meant by “not a metaphor”, but it did alert me to the possibility of metaphor within the poem, which I soon found – the cutting of the path, which is a nice way of thinking about the renewal of friendship through meeting.”

Thanks Halls, Oxford.

sonja benskin mesher

it is a gift, the friend ship, the kiss

on each cheek with out avoidance.

it may seem continental, yet we are

dolgellau. it is a meeting place, yes,

near the church. there are similarities,

yet this is not a metaphor.

we met at ten, talked of family,

one hour led to two, and overstepped

the parking time.

later in the garden, i thought of you.

i cut the paths and thought of you too.

it is a gift.



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