oil pond mirrors the darkness the november

day                  sun draws white against the grey

this       leaf  lays on earth

there is no god

not hungry nor otherwise


you look at me straight and ask the past

and briefly I say & say there is no god


you did not smile nor shout you are the deadest thing

dead down .              no smiling  despite birds gone  by


on greasy wings                       .i remember your look

your face

drawn grey as mourning doves

that remind

for me there is no god

1 thought on “.neutered.

  1. Reblogged this on sonja benskin mesher and commented:

    “Sonja’s poem ‘Neutered’ is evocative, both visually and emotionally. There’s some lovely phrasing here, picked out by Jared in his comments. I feel that this poem comes directly out of Sonja’s response to Hardy’s ‘Neutral Tones’, and that she has successfully translated his poem into her own landscape and preoccupations. There is a challenge to Hardy in the repeated denial of God’s existence. I liked this poem very much.”

    thanks Halls Writers, Oxford

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