About Sonja Benskin Mesher

I write, I draw, I paint and make things. Am quite patient, hold my tongue, but can't say multi disciplinary. Easily


we are all looking after ourselves
carefully here as you suggested

family, few friends too

as I hope you are too

there us a routine come natural
with walking peering
and poking with sticks

there is drawing as you know
and they come as magic for company

the red especially

thick and covering the plainess

i give them cardigans with buttons
and sometimes dots

i looked out yesterday at the raining
on and off all day

washing in and out

then cotton bits ironed for i like the feel of it

you look after yourselves too


yes is amazing. the babies suck on tree roots underground for 17 years then when they emerge make sounds enough to drown out any planes.

nice she gave you cabbage again.

i have an overload of mushrooms so I bung them in the air fryer with home made bread n oil then finish off with toasted cheese.


.sunday drawing.

is not any good really

just drawings. the little people appear as company

the day sounds similar.  gardening and  drove to the garage with their payment.

walked a good way then coincided with him so chatted a while.

 may have made a temporary potting bench yet not sure. watched a film with nervousness and had a generally nice day really.

hope your day goes well

we wonder who may arrive on paper today

.mill with capitals..

So we survived another storm more gentle than the predictions. 

I am here cosy with a heart drawn in my diary where the word mill used to be.

I never minded going yet pleased today that I am not.

I shall miss the customer conversation if any customers there are.

Yet not the guilt at judgement which may have come involuntary.  My mothers shadow.

So a nice day here with all that entails.
I hope the same for you.


maybe you play chess  in bad weather
or another pastime

here they forecast an awful rain yesterday
yet it came quite warm and gentle and

i shared some nougat with the delivery man
after chatting about our days in children’s  homes

a coincidence
a distant memory

he also brought plants
and new pencils

i have a wounded finger
either from the drawing

or a whitlow with an h

we like a good rainy day come cosy


he seemed surprised yesterday that i had completed the task

to ensure the proportions looked right for me

it is part of the job and if it is diaried must be done ticked off when finished

the sham crow bird was rearranged for it was too high  to look good

later in the studio the work that had continued the same so long made a change
with a sigh of relief 


.jim’s new bike.

one enjoys the names of colours here

would have liked a job in that department

ignoring the racist ones from the fifties

smiling at those from farrow and ball

heritage colours come dull

as lockdown hit here first

i painted my outsides in happy yellow
drawn by the name not just the colour

and oh that name come true
on opening jim

is fading now
yets remains as the description

a new bike
how joyful


some places we have only passed through
and if the history were told we may understand it different

than reality

these slower times I find more exploration yet only of the now with patches of this and that to photograph

to lean and wonder

there is a mist in the valley and pink in the sky
the promise of a pretty day ahead


as always

.thinking it is tuesday.

on monday which was mayday bank holiday only may day was saturday with monday being the third already

i drew pictures on scraps left over from the other pictures i had cut round carefully

all day it rained hard, drumming

a little world here of characters and stories none of them famous nor commendable

it was mentioned that some people don’t know what whitsun is and he agreed and said

what is it then?