About Sonja Benskin Mesher

I write, I draw, I paint and make things. Am quite patient, hold my tongue, but can't say multi disciplinary. Easily

.summer flowers.

yes and hope it will be honesty
a good flower then many seeds

for another year

we have thundering rain
i can hear it

i see the buses are all diverted
to avoid dyfi bridge which is
closed for flooding

there is a real pretty footbridge
just along and they say the back
road is a lovely path to walk

travel and work here are now
commanded by the weather

what have we done , oh really

we cry out when some one dies
as we should
i have tears for the creatures we
harm who die

i missed the pheasant on the
road last evening
it ran in front the oncoming
who avoided it too

yes really
walked off nonchalantly
avoiding the extra letter
which i have deleted

.winter storms.

spring will come
and we shall have
more flowers

i can see the first
leaves pushing through


and the primroses are
to spite
the storms

we shall have more drawings
i can see the marks & lines
pushing through

despite the weather
to spite
the storms

am back to mill
the winter rest is over

we shall have customers
who worry about the storms




.the reply.

this is the first quick reply

for time is short at present

there is much to be done


then later when there is a space

will reply again

a double thing



for i am home again

like one day out

then one day here

and is working well

so far



though yesterday

changed tempo

slowly with a slide



so going with the flow

i went with the flow

that benefited



ann has a mouse

she leaves out crumbs


. cherries .

ants come in the kitchen usually in february
leave at easter. it has not happened this year

they scurry

yesterday i looked out and thought how nice
i have always wanted to live near water.

there were floods as far as i could see, my
neighbour said we could have a boat.

wind skittered across the surface like it
did when he died

despite this beauty i feel for those damaged
with water this year

i live on the rise and look out across

some one wrote to enquire and we
agreed it seems this is all our own fault

i had cherries yesterday
real nice

i like ants




i find that writing here

to you on tug hill is an

impetous if that is the

appropriate word for

the written work and

maybe drawings will

come later



i will look at images

of hemlock with that


in mind



we use or did use

fir cones to start

the fire


we went with mum

up meyrick park to

the woods to collect

them, to see the trains

that slowed down there

before the central station



one of my brothers fell

in a big ants nest, they were

made of pine needles



clever is ants



nice day yesterday at the

secondary studio a hub

of folk, had two visitors

for me and done six drawings




ants is clever

and small


. power, oh really .






blinded those that could not see

the love and idle artefacts, each one

a statement of nothing in particular.

phased those that drove the power

in site of home, that stopped, saw


water that seeps insidiously into mind

spoils all things

things that can be mended.

he said that most people throw broken plates away

thank you. well really

oh really