. three degrees .

my last sunday off work

a while

we close in january

just as well with this weather


all is quiet in town


& at home

find out that

that is more to do with the rugby

than snow


so plans are to watch andrew marr

with coffee

no cake

am intersted in politics randomly


the bread pudding i bought


is limp & wet

& only good with cream & sugar


after we tidy the crog loft with soap

and ingenuity

& knit later


the look on her face when

i said it is for homeless

which of course includes



i cannot forget


am starting to fathom the meaning


only 3 degees below this morning




.the cloud reflected.

the clouds hang heavy

the mass, the clouds lay heavy, rain that came, that blinded again. blinded those that could not see the love and idle artefacts, each one a statement of nothing in particular. phased those that drove the cwm in site of home, that stopped, saw nothing. water that seeps, insidiously into mind, spoils all things.