..wander, not using the word lust ..

we search, to wander, hoping not for repetition, hoping to find little journeys             &

to cut, copy and paste.an interview.


there is  a need to pace about, wave the paper, move the arms.            need to pause and       counter act. if this  thing                                                                                will work.   maybe moving eliminates the standing …


she said hello, smiled.                                                        i smiled back with no regret.     the books are left tied tightly.     woke up to see the shy pink. clouds.           we stood together working pushing rags through to make things neater.


then                            leave it.   out into the only world you know.   anxiety       comes with           the unfamiliar.


into town while your back hurts edging into breaking.          meet the one who instigates recycling for its sake and others.


how to say it, that the mind wanders,                                          that filth detracts from the everyday.


we wander through where the fence should be,                             not minding the delay. you see


we left early to visit clear pools of water, the mountain sloped. here we              ambled

among sheep. watched the bug glide the water, sucked down the fish leap.     storm past.


i have said it before.

we are older now.




daily post- wander****



. hedges so dense we stick .

. some hedges are higher than others.               i wrote . a thing so private, so intense .   . simple , complex. no one will see it .                           note your achievements to date.                     .hell no.

we talk  again, for these are not vertical.                           we walked the dazzled mirror, crept.

.small and slightly curious  conversations.

we chatted over manners and harboured hedges. these things  …

moved the line into a place of  rural contemplation.


photo challenge – dense


..a living thing, tied..



jasmine bundled.


a living thing, tied.

yet i  tied the books, shredded cloth to rags, bled a little. arranged it all my way,the name will be the title, length an object. all else is waxed and tied as usual, making it       unusual. when i explained, she asked why will you do that? because of the chained libaries, burning books, the secrets you hide.


the light was different yesterday.



photo challenge ~ atop