..a living thing, tied..



jasmine bundled.


a living thing, tied.

yet i  tied the books, shredded cloth to rags, bled a little. arranged it all my way,the name will be the title, length an object. all else is waxed and tied as usual, making it       unusual. when i explained, she asked why will you do that? because of the chained libaries, burning books, the secrets you hide.


the light was different yesterday.



photo challenge ~ atop

. solitude, solitude .

solitude is usual ,              even welcomed.

trips out reveal another state. the mind
and all travelling            excites, , i await



he asked me a question, then i replied.

endlessly.                      it may be a gift?

ash escapes the brain

into    air.

days left,

three voices

rise, until just


is heard.


photo challenge :solitude