. after bodant .

i wrote about the eccles cake ‘tother day, sharing.


after we went in to llechwedd all changed now

and famous for the longest one in europe. there

was an incline tramway, now you can hear them

coming. over and above.


the site is updated, quite current now.  those with

funds can bounce below, zip overhead, buy the tee

shirt for tweny five pounds.


those without can watch, buy a stress ball,         be

disappointed there are no chips to stay for, unless

the menu gets changed.


we are going to book early one day and have five

pound discount on the lorry.


explorers do not really need fancy notebooks.


need a  tin compass,   in a box, quite cheap.


those returning home find they have no butter,

and have burned a hole in the enamel saucepan.




daily post – zip






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