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draped, lime light.talk endlessly of pin
tucks, and pleatings.
yet she said, things
are too profound. a standing

moths in light,
all things due sound.

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the style of dress

she always wore.


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 a thing so private, so intense . simple , complex. no one will see it. bed gown .







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came with madness. romanticism.

there is no broken glass, no face
at the window. no god.

no more.

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are you sleeping
while i watch the burial
the pain,
the madness,
the snowdrops.

are you sleeping,
while they hold her up.

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forge forward
with obsession, madness,
variety of colours.

there is another language.

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still the dog goes on each day
slower now
still the morning comes



.next event.

today i write of glass and ashes, inspired before, then swept by other’s moments. witness the cleaning, month passed, in our surprise forgot the soot and dashes, to burnish wax. today, a small task.…

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layered in air we dance with glass small souls with small lives rise to the challenges
glass housed and labelled ten years ago. this house is closed, yet will open at 10 am. 
possibly.it varies.
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if he only looked out at the world, forgot all this nonsense.

it is what we make it. he said ‘ ” the things we think are

worries now”, as discussed with the boy.

not yet published.

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the kindness that is. glass reflecting. slowly it starts. maybe we need to check our numbers?
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now it is shattered. and cuts.

. loft ladder pulled down .

the loft ladder pulled down

creaks & clatters


it can be remedied

while most doors squeak

all a differing tone


they came to film we stood quietly


the silence of the house recorded


he explained there is none


it could be remedied

yet then


where is the music ?


same with teeth

each one a perfect note


loft ladder pulled down

dust escapes

like ash from the fire


our thoughts fly as nothing.



.book binders’apprentice.

book binders’ apprentice


feeding papers


disliking that it was not my choice


he laughed at my shoes

at my shoes

i scoffed at his glue pot

rabbit fur


the boy

the girl

the social worker


touch the bone

learn to sew    /        promotion

came when the factory closed


cruise wear department

there are no records



installation/photograph – sonja benskin mesher