nothing blew down here

and it is tidied up now


this week i have done two things

despite the anxiety stuff


many other  things were comforting


the log pile is bigger







. my world of leaves.

My World of Leaves, published

at A Poet by Day

thanks to Jamie Dedes

sonja benskin mesher

is this the final drop, slowly. not the white

wind blown kind that raises spirits.     this

is due to a colder day, early morning      five


maybe this or a lack of adrenaline       caused

it, the coming together of years           which

slowly pass.

shadows of birds. dust motes in air.

marmalade toast.

is this the final drop?


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.Jiang Yizi.

so  naturally we think of heaven.


realise it is the pattern that makes us,

the familiar and ordinary.                   other prophets

come false.


in agreement we lose to the music,                hell as

entity retreats.


there is a book at the university. i have

read it twice.







Chinese painting about hell: “Picture Reference of Causality – Paintings of Hell”, which was painted by Taiwan Chinese painting artist Jiang Yizi in 2003. The painting is a roll of 62 cm high and 50 meters wide…..