90. you have an egg. he asked a question.


answered it himself. talked of differing

lines, marks and silences.


we usually have what we need, may be

a case of looking.


you have an egg.


along the wind comes a feeling

of change.


there is an egg.





(tempo) x 2

Featured at Poetry Circle.

Thanks to Maggie,editor.

sonja benskin mesher

tempo tempo,                 on & on,

repeating. like

jesu’s blood never failed me yet

or nyman, backwards.

tempo tempo all the time deleting

any form of rhyme, loose phrasing.

tempo, tempo, as if none of it matters,

which it doesn’t.

temp tempo, danzon no 2 arturo marquez.

gustav dudamel.


drive the car forward, move the mind inward.

hope it will not stop.

it will.

shoulders drop.



danzón no. 2


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.royal oak.

Thanks Halls Writers Oxford.

“Really poignant and concise poem. Your fragmented style really conveys a sense of trying to articulate something emotional but being elusive with it. Enjoyed this :)”

sonja benskin mesher

they talked about churches, that they were miserable places.

some of them. no heating.

planning champing ideals.

your turn to research….

sipped my coffee.

of the diocese, googled how to spell it. listened on the open

book, while here it is bound.


hidden in boxes.

i was sent to a psychiatrist, eleven years old.

what do you expect?

was told i was fine, given a bible.

what did i expect?

maybe something better.

this book is tied.

I gathered the bread and left.



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. participation.

Published today in The BeZine.

Thanks to the editors

sonja benskin mesher

the play continues,
some of the old cast, new actors oblige,
ideas on lack of addictive ways.
simple days without receptors.

singing under breath, counting, unpacking boxes,
this is the lead. hints are posted, and may you believe them graciously.

for many times will you be tested.

there were subs titles, out of focus,
we could not read the other language.
the work continues…. peptides.



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Published today in The BeZine.

Thanks to the editors

sonja benskin mesher

“In bringing together both her visual art and her poetry, Sonja Benskin Mesher has each explain the other. And, yet, each also enlarges the other and perhaps we see our own actions a little differently, too.” Thanks Ricard Lingua and G Jamie Dedes​ , editors.

Three verses included….

Source: ::prompt::

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