..day 22..

..day 22..

sometimes like this morning

i findy rusty stuff down the



i pick it up, line it up in the

shed or elsewhere


i like to think of the work

of the ingenuity of the



those that are gone

and maybe i have a



him by the woodshed

her in the drive


given things


i looked for the geese

maybe they were earlier



maybe they will find a cure

or something to stop  it


it is not a living thing

just an entity

they say

i say james


i found what to do

with all the stuff

i made it a box


only lorries on the road now


..day 21..

..day 21..

no one interacts much with me here
& i am just fine with it that as i have
said before

i also draw & write most days sometimes
hope for a lazy day which never happens
so we carry on
what to do with all this stuff is a good

to which i have no answer

at present they piles up neatly until i
find a suitable box for storage

i like particular boxes
quite partcular i am

there is a new one
small in the middle
of the floor now

you see it reminds
me of the visit to
that house by the mill
where there is a box
to stand on to be able
to see the mountain

i cannot go now
he says it is a
connection thing

she said it was odd

yet mostly folk leave me
alone here

and that is fine

today i forgot the number
and had to check again



.. really, oh really ..

what some folk feel is right

others consider wrong, some

write with the music

a few fail, falter

without much to live on

no one to care for them


some say this is not fair,             yet

i find that fair does not even figure


this life you gets what you gets

and feels how you choose to




however the dice fall

the cards come out


this may be your heaven

here on earth


if you like

if that is the way to think


really, oh really.



.. day 20 ..

..day 20..

i rang her yesterday
we laughed at how the years had passed

she said that her and her husband were
like two old folk with sticks to walk with

except they don’t have any sticks

james, i have had a form laying here for

the truth project and when it rained
i done it quick

handwriting and the ink was smudgy
it all came out the nib
the truth of it so
i stuffed it in the envelope quick and
sealed it

realised i cannot go to post it
so will ask the delivery man

i thought that today i will reopen it
to read through and type up carefully
for the record here
without alteration

i thinks i wrote it like the child i was

i saw a lamb just been born still
bloody, saw wrens all in the hedge

little things

later i watched an old film about cyclists
and thought of you except it was all crisp
with english accents, cotton shorts and

he had a bike and used to race my bus
and would be waiting at my home stop

proud of his achievement
every time
every day james

admiring your lines



..april studio news 2020..

:: time stops ::

Welsh Enterprise Award

Nominated again for 2020


Honoured to be  awarded Best Abstract Landscape Artist 2019.






Y Plas, Machynlleth

.littled  secondary studio space.

..now in lockdown..




The Studio. Llanelltyd.

Visual, text , installations and international mail art work continues…

. hand made in wales.




..joan of arc..


isolation drawing




..small  isolation drawing..



the year has stopped…….

isolation drawings & diary continue…

..day 19..


i have read back over my time


i repeat myself



maybe it is the routine

that came

the same

most days



except the plane does

not come over and

there were three geese

this morning

not two as before



we have gotten neighbourly

leaving the errands on the

bench outside


the fire burned hot

melting the trash bag


we walk

we look

we wait

we work



i spoke to him yesterday

he is running out of coal

i am told the local council

group will help in this

situation james



he remembers the war




not involved really