. the flight to egypt .

Edwin Longsden Long RA was an English genre, history,  and portrait painter.



there are many pictures at this house, two dimensional and more. how can I love one

child above another?

I had only one, so that was easy, then questioned if I loved the late arrival more, I said no just different.


so I talk out loud instead of writing .

a new prose. I  talk of formative years, the safe place.


russell coates museum. have you been there? it was free on thursdays a haven from the rain,




indoor fish pond, quiet on the stairs, to the edwin long gallery. the flight to egypt. looking

back now, I never thought of it religious.  immense it covered the wall.


I use the past tense, yet it is still in place.


on googling I see  the topic is biblical, I remember the procession, the faces, the space  as

if his meaning was hidden to me.


now by choice it is.


do I make such pictures?  no.


weird stuff as if installed in a museum.








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