. next wednesday 29 .


simple notes, there is much discussion now, where the place used to be pure quiet and  acceptance.

it seems to him that talking does not get the job done.                 gently balancing wool.  words  fall .


we had gathered here before to watch the weathering.     referendum come and gone with fury.




fails us.


simple notes. none rise higher than the one next.


to you, to me, this may not be

the acceptance





the daily post – acceptance



..red cross..

can you believe it.              that it was said?

red cross.


we should help    people in this country

first, not those abroad   scared and dying.


that she asked about her washing,      yes i

hang it in the garden, in    sun and breeze

to dry fresh.


she replied that is what peasants do.

do you believe that?


red cross shop.


some say she has a face lift!





DELVING DEEP … Poets respond to last Wednesday’s Writing Prompt

Thanks Jamie for including ” as a child ”


.as a child.tell us things, take us without consent. there are no records.mine are all destroyed. ask them. there are no answers.so we attended regularly, varied chancel houses, overtime. sit up, stand up, sit down, recite, remember, stand.up for yourself at last.do not believe all that you are told, all that you like to.think about it.you wanted to believe that you believed that.the truth is.you did not.© sbm.And from Paul Brooks (Th

Source: DELVING DEEP … Poets respond to last Wednesday’s Writing Prompt

… mothth …… mothth …

… mothth …


faint.                                                  a soft breath, minimal sigh.





gauze.                                                  the space between,    thin.




thinner still the sound.                                               on the wind.

seeds.                                                                                          touch


skin softly.                                                                                hardly

sense                                                                                  the feeling.

one feather floating.








daily post : minimal



. during breakfast, and later .

she gave up bread and chocolate, told us many times.

ate ryvita smuggled it in, softer by the third day. lent


me ideas for writing.

told me it was for forty days, i asked why. she said it

was for lent.


i wondered if it was to do with jesus in the wilderness?

she said she did not know.


she explained.


it is just for lent,


bread and chocolate.


i wondered silently  if he gave up chocolate too

in that wilderness.


during dinnner i pondered loaves and fishes, kept

my thoughts to myself.


the dessert was chocolate. i ate it all





. cold war ~the challenge .

Thanks to St, Edmund Hall, Oxford, forum for the challenge and feedback.


“Sonja: cold war

A very evocative counterpoint between poem and image. I enjoyed the command of images and the experiential account of the move from winter into spring, which rang very true for me. The concision of language invites multiple readings and leaves the reader with many things to ponder.

Sonja: #socialmedia

This was an apt application of the imagery of war to the theme of social media. I enjoyed the exploration of which rights we give away and which we should keep to ourselves in the public sphere, as well as the imagery of social media platforms as puppet masters – very true.”


. cold war.

the boy plays on his own, in water it can’t be helped.

machines work less in cold, sheds and lack of encouragement.

the dream, frost cancelled a while. visitors came, the day proceeded gently with
stops and dictation, who is this?

spring came. each road a picture, slowly staring, visual overload resulting.

i could not breathe
for wondering.

the lime kilns are empty now.




you may follow me on pinterest,

maybe on flickr, you may google


i have blocked you from the rest.

i think.

you may text me, while i ignore .

it is a little thing,

the paper, the string.