sorry, did you say george?

he is here with me
saved from the boot sale
at five pence only

look under his dress
he is a hero

or did you say gorge
where we lean over in fear
up over the pass

we have overslept
the forecast snow

leave george




.if i were to explain.

i may start with the bathroom
large panelled white
a geyser with gasp, gas there


plenty of soap/more in store
no charge

lock and bolt the door for quiet & solitude

not much changes then

talk your self to sleep
upper rooms where no
one hears

she seemed brave/ an opposite
to me/maybe/maybe she was hiding

we told no one




no notes

. thursday.

sonja benskin mesher

i have not written much about advent, just two things.

yet i know it is here,      felt in   bones;         my soul. i

have no system now to believe  things,                     yet

the reminder comes without warning.                    each


this year

to my own suprise, i find that i still can cry.                  it

is a long time passed. they say our work ,          our souls

are in our chest.

it is not just me

it is          family.

there is no photograph.


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. some thing told her….


i should not have gone

we had to call her auntie
no blood relation

we sat with her for tea
cross legged.

i shared a room with Catherine, (it may have been K I forget) so long ago

we were at the top of the house off the landing before the staff quarters – the
uncles,the aunties

Cath was older, brave and treacherous

i liked her yet felt the others didn’t

a bad influence

we went out on the chain ferry across to the beach
all sun sea gulls and possibilities

day of freedom

on return that auntie shouted i should not have gone, screamed and shouted from the stairs shouted

spoiled our lovely day

Cath left the home soon after, they found her a flat

i missed her
i visited her

it continued with escapes in the bathroom
the door locked

wished i went with Catherine

i think of you often

milton road

the organisation

the organisation- Sonja
“Goes very well with the photo. I feel like it’s about two people piecing a life together with each other, and that that’s a task accomplished by discussing small acts of building in an undramatic tone. Very good. ”

Thanks Halls writing forum

sonja benskin mesher

seems to work, reading instructions over,

reaping small piles of nails, separate from screws.

drying papers on radiators ready. we are the


he has instructions and know how. i have

a pattern, slip stitch over, time for coffee.

so generally in a working day, we seem

to have such a pretty little summerhouse.

to be continued.



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